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The Center for Practical Phenomenology is established as a Finland-based international association that arranges philosophical events, in which innovative modes of interaction are fostered. The purpose of the association is to promote research in phenomenology, to distribute practical implementations of the theoretical results achieved in phenomenological research, to create and to realize interdisciplinary projects, and to establish connections with institutes, centers and associations which have similar interests. The Center for Practical Phenomenology actively participates in planning activities, launching new projects and promoting research in a broader scientific context.

The association situates practical phenomenological research within a context of continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, art, social sciences, bioethics, and medical humanities, with the intent to fill a gap between academic theoretical research and a larger intellectual audience. The task is to share views and create awareness of the basic points of departure of phenomenology, maintaining high scholarly standards but simultaneously encouraging philosophers to go beyond the purely exegetic approaches. Thus, the Center will serve as a platform for discussion between scholars of different disciplines and also between scholars and practicians who deal with socially pressing problems, such as illness, pain, delusions, despair, aging, birth, marginalization and immigration.

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